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Consumer Trends 2021


Consumer and market trends for a post-COVID world.

04:00 pm
05:45 pm
Consumer Trends 2021

The future that awaits us is inherently linked to the effects of the pandemic. Doing business in the new normal means realising that the virus has changed consumer behaviour, that priorities have been reordered in our consumer society and that uncertainty is one of the few things we can be sure of in today’s world.

What will the upcoming decade be like? In the post-COVID-19 world, some existing trends will speed up and some new ones will appear, forcing the different business models to evolve in order to survive and prosper Recovery has always been important in business. Some of the market’s major changes occur due to recessions, often with the emergence of new leaders and new industries.

This report is our contribution to helping companies explore and define a new landscape of opportunities, which in many cases will require resilience and the ability to adapt and reinvent. Being well-prepared is always the right strategy for meeting the challenges of today and tomorrow.

This session will be broadcasted live and will be held in person, guaranteeing all the established security measures, as long as the health circumstances allow it. To participate in both modalities it is necessary to register.

Campos Elíseos Theatre, Sala Cúpula (Dome Hall)| 6th floor, Calle de Bertendona, 3 bis | Bilbao