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CRIT Cronología crítica del diseño


Workshop and online presentation

05:00 pm
07:00 pm
CRIT Cronología crítica del diseño

CRIT Critical Design Timeline is a research project based on a thematic collection of timelines for different fields of action in design. It aims to fulfil three roles: as a means of disseminating the transformative power of design, as an education and research tool for teachers and professionals that has helped us tackle today’s major challenges in different areas of practical design, and as a vehicle for promoting design culture.

It is urgent for us to address the challenge of today’s serious problems, and CRIT is using the perspective of historical reference points to do so, so that we can reconsider the practice of design in a structural, critical way.


At this BBDW2020 event we will present the CRIT Critical Design Timeline research and talk about our reasons for undertaking the project and our intentions.

We will be joined by some of the people involved in the project to speak about the background, methodology and publication of the first research study on the combination of Ecology and Design. Finally, we will propose carrying out a prospective exercise contemplating the current paradigm.

To guarantee the activity can be held in the current context of the pandemic, it will be held online using tools enabling communication and collaborative remote work.

The workshop will be led by Alberto Flores and Mireia Juan, designers and members of Makea Tu Vida, the group undertaking the project.

More info at: http://cronologiacrit.design