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EIDE Bitxiak


La Taller and Erredakzioa

07:30 pm
08:30 pm
EIDE Bitxiak

BITXIAK is a new activity organised by EIDE with the support of the Bilbao City Council and the Bilbao 700 Foundation, via the "Bilbao Aurrera 2020 Plan", involving a series of conversations between two professionals from different generations and disciplines, seeking common and divergent spaces between our past, present and future, which aim to serve as a bridge between creative disciplines close to graphic design, such as illustration, art or animation.

The second of the three talks that we have organised until the end of the year will focus on the activity of La Taller and Erredakzioa, two adjacent spaces dedicated to reflection, training and recycling, with a view to the future of obsolete technologies, with classical engraving and printing as common themes. Moderated by Josune Muñoz (Skolastika) and including Maite Martínez from Arenaza (La Taller) and Tania Arriaga (Erredakzioa). The event will be held in Basque.

La Taller Galería y Taller de Grabado, Iciar Maestro Kalea, s/n - 48006 Bilbao (Bizkaia)

Bilbao 700