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Round table: Design as a strategy

El diseño como estrategia

Round table: Design as a strategy

The future of design from four points of view

12:30 pm
01:30 pm
El diseño como estrategia

This activity is a meeting point for professionals, jointly organised by the University of Deusto and the Design Institute of Spain. It aims to highlight the value of design as a strategic activity from different points of view: business, institutional and educational. The activity is directed at business and professionals, and to those wishing to discover the potential of design and the possibilities offered by this discipline in the future, from the perspective of the evolution of their skills and its scope.

Participants in the round table:

Maite del Mundo. Marketing & Strategy manager at Creatique  (https://creatique.es/)

Cristina Latorre. Creative Direction at Creatique (https://creatique.es/)

Isabel Martínez-Cosentino. Cosentino City Manager (https://pro.cosentino.com/cosentino-city)

Juan Mellen. President Design Institute of Spain (https://www.designinstitute.es/)

Rodrigo Martínez. Director of the Master´s Degree in Strategic Design(https://www.deusto.es/cs/Satellite/deusto/es/masteres/estudios-masteres/master-universitario-en-diseno-estrategico/programa)


The meeting will take place via the platform, Google Meet. The link will be sent to registered participants