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Kultura eta Sormen Topaketak


Public Space and Creative and Cultural Expression in the New Reality

05:00 pm
07:00 pm
Kultura eta Sormen Topaketak

 Held for the second year running, Kultura eta Sormen Topaketak will address the public space and how the current health crisis situation is affecting the cultural activities held within it. The pandemic has forced us to redesign the use of these spaces and rethink our day-to-day habits and behaviour. For cultural activity, the crisis has led to a significant reduction in the numbers of people attending events, temporary shutdowns of venues and cancellations of events, shows and projects, greatly hindering professional activity.

The cultural and creative sectors (CCSs) played an essential role during lockdown and continue to do so in the new normal, and they must find new ways of making their work compatible with the health emergency situation. Within this context, public spaces – open spaces, squares, streets and any building or venue where people socialise and interact – are a space for recovery, reinvention and redesign.

Fortunately, it is the cultural and creative activities themselves that design and intervene in the public space and the elements it contains. They transform thought, feed the critical spirit and work with emotions to create unique experiences, through constant interaction with the surrounding environment. Cultural and creative sector know-how is therefore a valuable resource for this process of reflection and reinvention of the public space.

The event will include a panel discussion with talks on seven experiences of cultural and creative initiatives run by the districts and municipalities, which have come together under the patronage of GARAPEN and with the support of INNOBASQUE to work towards boosting and promoting the CCSs.



Getxolan. Ogoño 1, Getxo